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NY DDC Case Study:  BIM Helps NY DDC Tackle the Big Apple’s

Biggest Design and Construction Management Challenges
How does BIM help the City of New York champion design and construction excellence across its $6 billion portfolio? 

As the primary capital construction project manager in the city of New York, New York City Department of Design and Construction (NY DDC) works with over 20 agencies and numerous contractors to design and build the city’s public facilities and street infrastructure. This portfolio is valued at over $6 billion. 

A fast moving city doesn’t wait for anyone, which is why the NY DDC turned to building information modeling (BIM) technologies and best practices to help it overcome the fundamental challenge of doing more with less.

  Using BIM, NY DDC and the municipal agencies it supports have reaped the following benefits:
  • Greater transparency and consistent workflows throughout the design/construction process
  • A reduction in errors, reduced change orders, and increased productivity
  • Ease of collaboration with contractors
  • Cost savings
The success story expands on these key achievements, as well as NY DDC’s future plans for BIM and use of Autodesk tools to archive data, improve collaboration in the field, and more. 
Download the full case study and explore how the power of BIM can help solve the same or similar issue for your organization. 

Download here.