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Many utilities are plagued with stove-piped processes that results in repetitive entering of data into multiple subsystems.  Data isolation results in data backlogs, increased risk of design inaccuracies, and difficulty to accurately estimate the cost of projects.  To overcome these challenges, utilities need integrated solutions that optimize “design-build-operate-maintain-track” workflow.   

Implementation of an integrated architecture allows a utility to shift their labor time and costs from hand entering redundant data in multiple systems to focusing on improving system reliability.  An integrated architecture allows even the smallest utility to achieve improved safety, accuracy, and efficiency in their asset management workflow. 

The Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite can be integrated with key systems, such as geographic information systems, asset management systems and work management systems, to enable the seamless exchange of data beyond the design department. 

In this on-demand webinar, Pat Reid Director of Delivery with Spatial Business Systems, explores first-hand how systems integration can benefit the utility workflows infrastructure.  Mr. Reid will demonstrate a fully integrated workflow to include: Design and GIS integration; utilization of GPS in design; automated material ordering; and integrated land and design profile.


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Pat Reid, Spatial Business Systems


Pat Reid joined Spatial Business Systems, Inc. as the Director of Delivery on November 2011. Pat oversees all aspects related to SBS' integration services group. He brings over 30 years of experience in project management and sales to the SBS team.   

Prior to joining SBS Pat spent time working as a Project Manager for Autodesk, Convergent Group and Northrop Grumman Mission Systems. His focus has been on integration activities related to the Utility and Telecommunications industry.