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Today, many electric utilities are plagued with stove-piped processes and repetitive software.  This approach can cause severe backlogs, increase the risk of design inaccuracies, and make it difficult to accurately estimate the cost of projects.  To overcome these challenges, utilities need access to integrated solutions that can optimize the design process, and support the overall “design-build-operate-maintain” workflow.   

AutoCAD® Utility Design (AUD) offers the perfect solution for electric utilities – from the smallest Cooperative, to the largest investor-owned organization.  AUD is an intelligent CAD-based design tool that quickly and simply connects the tasks associated with designing electric distribution networks and automates many steps within the overall workflow.  It also integrates with other key systems, such as geographic information systems, asset management systems and work management systems, to enable the seamless exchange of data beyond the design department.

In this on-demand webinar, Jeremiah McKnelly, a leading geodesign consultant with Spatial Business Systems, explores first-hand how AUD can benefit your electric utility.  Mr. McKnelly also offers a live demonstration of common solutions and workarounds, as well as helpful tips and tricks for using AUD effectively within your environment.  

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