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FullCircle SmartInk – Never Lose a Document Again!

What if your documents could remain in the field but your markups always made it back to the office?

Although there is a universal desire for paperless field data collection – it has yet to happen. There are literally thousands of cases where simple pen and paper applications are the most effective. SmartInk solutions provide an easy transition from paper to digital records while eliminating scanning, filing, courier fees and lost documents.

DLT Solutions and K-TEK discuss SmartInk and SmartPen applications and how you can receive a high return on investment with minimal impact on your field staff.  Guest speakers Cathy Wagenaar of K-TEK Solutions and Lance Maidlow of ChasmTech demonstrate SmartInk and SmartInk for AutoCAD and speak on:

  • The underlying digital pen and paper technology
  • Workflow automation that can return “ink” from the field daily
  • As-built drawing markups that allow the original drawings to remain in the field

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Guest Speakers:

Lance Maidlow, founder and product manager for ChasmTech combines his civil engineering field experience with over 25 years of software design, development and deployment in the CAD and GIS markets.  He began exploring SmartPens when customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small local government agencies raised real concerns about SmartPhone and Tablet applications.

Cathy Wagenaar has been the President of K-TEK Solutions since January 2007. Prior to leading K-TEK, she was a senior program manager with over 25 years of executive level project experience, having managed numerous successful consulting and software development projects while at Autodesk and other organizations.