Application Modernization for Govies™ – Get Your Free eBook Today!

It’s time to modernize! Red Hat and DLT Solutions are proud to introduce a new reference book, Application Modernization for Govies™, addressing the questions and challenges that vex government agencies as they seek to modernize their IT infrastructures.

Application Modernization for Govies™ explains the basics of Red Hat JBoss Middleware technologies, the problems they solve, and how you can find the right fit for your organization.

Middleware plays an important role in building public sector IT infrastructures that deliver high-performance services, adapt to changing priorities, and bring higher levels of integration and interoperability among and between government levels and branches. In fact, interoperability is at the heart of many e-government and Gov 2.0 initiatives and, in essence, leads to extensive information sharing among and between government agencies. Register today to download your complimentary copy or view the interactive flipbook of Application Modernization for Govies™.

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Application Modernization for Govies™