Today, businesses have to move fast to stay competitive. And in many cases, hybrid cloud infrastructures can help deliver the extra IT agility they need to keep up. 

All too often, this extra agility comes at a high cost. The nature of hybrid cloud architectures means IT environments—including data, applications, storage, networking, and other computing resources—are more heterogeneous than ever before. Without a sound strategy, smart execution, and solutions that can help abstract complexity and maintain control of information assets, hybrid cloud architectures can quickly become difficult to support and manage. 

When organizations lose visibility, they can also lose control, which creates dangerous IT blind spots. This can lead to unpredictability in business service up-time and problems meeting SLA recovery times. 

So what is the answer to this dilemma? Veritas and DLT giving organizations the ability to build information visibility, management, protection and governance into every part of your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Greg Carter
Information Availability Architect