View our on demand webinar featuring David Larrimore, CTO U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement to learn how you can securely build and share code that is compliant with the Federal Source Code Policy.
The Federal Source Code Policy is a mandate designed to support reuse and public access to government developed source code.

  • The policy requires new source code developed specifically by or for the Federal Government to be made available to share and reuse across all government agencies. 
  • The policy also includes an Open Source Pilot Program that requires agencies to release at least 20% of their new custom-developed source code to the public. 
With the policy already in intermediate phases of implementation, agencies should have a mechanism in place to ensure that custom-developed code can be shared and reused throughout the Federal Government. GitHub lets developers at agencies collaborate to ship better code, securely on your own servers or AWS GovCloud and Azure Government. 


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