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Google Visualization Tools for Government Geospatial Intelligence

Sharing geospatial information is a critical component of many Department of Defense, intelligence, and civilian agency missions.  However, many legacy geographic information system (GIS) interfaces are complex, require extensive training, and lack interactive controls that make them useful.  This causes sharing valuable geospatial information with personnel outside of the GIS department increasingly difficult. With Google’s geospatial visualization solutions, agencies can complement their existing GIS interfaces to overcome these shortcomings. 

This white paper will discuss:

  • The current challenges federal government agencies face in managing geospatial information sharing, such as complex interfaces, a lack of interactive controls, and high costs.
  • The benefits Google’s geospatial visualization tools offer to combat these challenges.
  •  Real-world use cases from the NGA, the U.S. Forest Service, the Air Force Weather Agency and more.
Don’t miss your chance to see how Google’s geospatial visualization tools can benefit your agency!

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