Webcast Series: Oracle Database Journey to 12c Part 2 On-Demand
Oracle's latest generation of database technology introduces significant new features and functionality that simplify migrations and consolidation, improves efficiency of hardware utilization, and delivers major improvements in database manageability. Organizations migrating to Oracle Database 12c have been able to achieve cost savings with increasing business agility.

Many customers now have environments numbering in the hundreds or even thousands of databases. This webcast addresses the challenge of maintaining technical currency of such an environment, while also containing upgrade and migration costs to a reasonable level. You will learn about product features, options, tools, techniques and services that can help you maintain control of your database environment. You will also see examples of how real customers are successfully meeting this challenge today. 

Topics to be covered include:

•  Dimensions of complexity in database environments
•  A project approach to upgrading your database environment, from planning through testing, execution, and post-upgrade steps
•  Case studies of customers who have upgraded hundreds of databases with small teams of DBAs

Roy Swonger, Senior Director of Product Management and Oracle Database Upgrade expert, will guide you through upgrade, migration and consolidation techniques and strategies - shown with real world customer cases and proven best practices. 

This is part 2 of the 3 part series that will help create a roadmap for you to efficiently upgrade to Oracle Database 12c. 

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