Jerry Bartels is the Sr. Technical Marketing Manager – Civil Infrastructure at Autodesk with experience in all areas of civil engineering, surveying and mapping.

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Project Success and Transparency - From the Citizen's Viewpoint

In the current budget-conscious environment, many citizens are concerned about how their tax dollars are being spent and are becoming increasingly vocal and involved in local infrastructure projects. This has increased the demand for greater government transparency, which has put an additional burden on communication.

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This webinar, the second in a three-part series of 30-minute webinars titled “What Does Infrastructure Success Look Like?” explores how providing public access to design concepts, project progress, and the potential impact on citizens can improve overall project success.  You will also see how agencies such as Plymouth County Iowa, Washington State Department of Transportation, and the City of Beloit, Wisconsin are leveraging the Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite tools to address increased citizen demand for greater infrastructure project transparency.