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Tips and Tricks for Deploying SolarWinds Storage Manager

In this on-demand webinar you will learn how you can optimize the scalability and performance of your SolarWinds Storage Manager (STM) software.  For many STM customers, a single server running STM is all that’s needed to collect, store and report on their storage infrastructure. STM has a scalable architecture that can be optimized for each customer’s needs. Customers with larger environments (more SAN and NAS devices, more Virtual and Physical Servers) and more distributed environments (with Storage in different cities) will benefit from the tips and tricks shared in this  webinar.

Corona Services and SolarWinds will show how Storage Manager’s architecture allows multiple servers to load balance the collection, processing and storing of data.  Experience gained from several larger implementations will be shared so that customers can plan how to improve the performance and scalability of their SolarWinds Storage Manager instances.

Corona Services will also explain their methodology of helping customers plan and implement Storage Manager in the largest distributed enterprises.

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