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A Multi-Faceted View of Infrastructure Project Success Webinar

This webinar, the first in a three-part series of 30-minute webinars titled "What Does Infrastructure Success Look Like?", addresses the challenges agencies face in completing successful infrastructure projects. You will hear how customers successfully take effective control of their agency’s infrastructure project design and communication processes as well as how they address these issues with Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite. You’ll also learn how customers use Autodesk technology to address the larger needs and issues surrounding their infrastructure projects, while satisfying individual agency stakeholder concerns.

Jerry Bartels is the Sr. Technical Marketing Manager – Civil Infrastructure at Autodesk with experience in all areas of civil engineering, surveying and mapping.

Infrastructure projects have become more complicated and involving more stakeholders. Yet, they still need to be completed on-time and within budget. Issues such as ineffective communication and collaboration, a lack of unified data, and citizen visibility demands about project progress add to project complexity.
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