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BIM-to-FM: Asset Lifecycle Management Webinar

Did you know you can make better purchasing decisions by observing a variety of resources and their lifecycle stages?

Throughout the design and construction process, Building Information Management for facilities management enables building owners to leverage facility and asset data throughout its lifecycle. Capturing and transferring BIM data into the ACRCHIBUS Integrated Workplace Management System provides owners and facility managers the ability to seamlessly manage on-demand work and preventative maintenance with an intuitive web interface.

Listen as FMP, Inc. and DLT Solutions discuss Asset Lifecycle Management. Guest speaker, Christopher Parra of Facilities Management Planners demonstrates how ARCHIBUS provides these capabilities by capturing and coordinating graphic and non-graphic data including:

  •  BIM
  • Maintenance manuals
  • Space
  •  Equipment information

Guest Speaker:

Christopher Parra is the Co-Owner and Chief Operating Officer of FMP, Inc. and has developed, managed and integrated business information systems for the past twelve years.