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The Engineer – Streamlining Project Success with Data Clarity and Transparency
Today, many county engineers are struggling with the effective creation and management of designs for infrastructure modernizations because they are spending a majority of their time juggling multiple data types, legacy design software, and varying levels of stakeholder involvement. Enabling clear communication and design standards with external contractors, facilitating project transparency and ease of cross-technology collaboration are difficult tasks, but all add up to project success.
This webinar, the final in a three-part series of 30-minute webinars titled “What Does Infrastructure Success Look Like?” addresses the numerous challenges that today’s engineer encounters throughout each infrastructure project.  You will see how state and local engineers for Snohomish County Public Works, WA; El Dorado County Department of Transportation, CA; and the City of Riviera Beach, FL used Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite tools to stay in control of their design and help solve the data, communication, and design challenges to keep projects moving forward, within budget and on target.
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