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Leveraging FM Technology to Drive Sustainability Webinar

As a nationally-recognized green city, Kansas City embarked on an ambitious energy conservation program in support of the Mayor’s and City Council’s initiatives to become a national leader in sustainability. As a result of the Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) implementation Kansas City is now able to continuously commission buildings, analyze whether operational changes are having their intended impact, and determine if conservation measures are meeting expectations. Now is your time to create a platform that is efficient and cost effective. 

Talisen Technologies and DLT Solutions joined together for an informational webinar on Leveraging FM Technology to Drive Sustainability. James Castruccio of Talisen Technologies discussed how Kansas City, Missouri created a single platform that incorporates various systems and sources of information to better manage FM operations using a total cost of ownership model.

Guest Speaker:

James Castruccio is the Vice President of Enterprise Workplace Solutions at Talisen Technologies with facilities management experience in strategic master planning, space planning, systems administration, network administration and the development of Global Quality Metrics.