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These days, most attacks come from inside your network, bypassing the security provided by traditional firewalls and IPS systems. Modern threats can include visitors, wireless and mobile users, rogue devices, malware and botnets, and compliance. Network access control (NAC) is an ideal solution to help you optimize the productivity and accessibility of your network without compromising your enterprise security.

This webinar on-demand will provide you with guideline on how to apply next gen Network Access Control to gain the visibility and control required to close real-time security, compliance gaps, and to automate IT response. Additionally, this webinar will provide you with innovative approaches that not only improve your organization’s GRC, but also achieve continuous compliance.

Making the GRC Grade – How to Realize Continuous Compliance webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Manage common endpoint compliance gaps including BYOD
  • NAC integration with host-based security and policy management systems
  • Extend correlation rules to expedite IT response and remediation
  • Establish closed-loop endpoint security and compliance program creation

How to Realize Continuous Compliance -  On-Demand Webcast