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The transformation of Federal IT security continues in 2013. Federal Government direction, for both DOD and Civilian agencies, is toward a state of continuous monitoring of cybersecurity posture and away from periodic auditing and reporting. And although standards are continuing to evolve, the clear direction is to leverage IT management and monitoring tools that serve multiple purposes simultaneously. So best practices for IT management in the Federal Government are to continuously monitor your IT infrastructure with tools, but then generate different views of the data based on different needs. The IT operations team wants performance, availability and reliability views into the data, while the cybersecurity team wants to look at the same data from a security, compliance and vulnerability point of view. In summary: Collect Once, Report Many.

 In this presentation you will learn:
  • How typical IT infrastructure metrics that are collected by operations for monitoring performance, scalability, and reliability (operations point of view), can also be used for compliance, vulnerability and security point of view.
  • Common pitfalls and problems encountered when purchasing security/compliance tools without commitment and buy-in on who will operate and maintain those tools.
  • How the right IT management and monitoring tools can be leveraged not just for IT operations, but also for cybersecurity.
  • How government agencies can leverage data from IT operations monitoring tools for security and compliance needs without adding in manual steps for their IT staff.
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Continuous Monitoring Developments: Collect Once, Report Many