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Google Emergency Response Tools for Govies™ – Get Your Free eBook Today!

When disaster strikes, access to information is critical. It gives emergency responders the intelligence they need to make informed decisions while ensuring the safety and well being of the public. The problem is that finding, aggregating and sharing available data across multiple IT systems and stakeholders – in the office and in the field – is easier said than done.

Google Emergency Response Tools for Govies explores how information management and collaboration tools from Google can help emergency management teams achieve unparalleled situational awareness before, during and after a crisis.  It also shares real-life examples of groundbreaking programs from state and local governments, non-profit organizations and more.

  • Learn how to stay ahead of “predictable surprises”
  • Explore how you can leverage secure cloud- and GIS-based apps to find, access and share critical data in emergency situations
  • Discover how to manage information overload
  • Understand how search, mapping and collaboration tools from Google can assist with day-to-day emergency management efforts

Register today to download your complimentary copy of Google Emergency Response Tools for Govies™ – a reference written specifically for public sector emergency management professionals.

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