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Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative Savings? On-Demand Webinar

Where are the FDCCI Savings?   Time for a different approach to deliver real results

2015 is looming and FDCCI (Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative) is way behind.  With 18 months left to meet the 2015 FDCCI goals, real cost savings continue to elude most agencies.  Physical consolidation of infrastructure and a focus on energy savings have not yielded the needed results.  With nearly 800 data centers still to be closed and no new IT dollars being added to the equation, a new approach is required.

Currently, agency IT budgets are largely consumed by sustaining those applications, especially aging legacy platforms.  Real savings can only be achieved by taking a hard look at all of the applications and data across the data center and prioritizing which applications to integrate into ongoing IT operations and which applications to retire. 

Register for this webinar on-demand and find out how FDCCI can deliver tangible cost savings to every organization by rationalizing application portfolios, archiving inactive data, and establishing a trusted, single version of the truth from the data left in use.