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Explore How Web Content Management Buyers Can Assess the Costs Associated to Buy

This paper will examine five key areas of cost:

  1. User Adoption
  2. Initial Implementation
  3. Upgrades and Ongoing Re-implementation
  4. Maintenance and Support Cost
  5. Application Integration

For each area, we then look at both the initial costs, and the cost of ongoing change. We’ll explore how to measure and compare costs for different types of systems under consideration.

We will also show how Percussion CM1 presents a new paradigm: an easy to use interface that lowers adoption costs, uses interchangeable building blocks that lower the cost of implementation, bounds customization to rein in support and maintenance costs, and adopts a decoupled architecture to lower application integration and upgrade costs.

From this, you will see how to use the lower cost of change in Percussion CM1 to beat your competition and succeed on the web.

The Hidden Killer: Cost of Content Management