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This on-demand webinar focuses on Symantec's mobile application management solutions that enable your agency to deploy, secure and manage both native and web apps on mobile devices. With functionality to address the complete lifecycle management of apps and content, from distribution to updates to revocation, Symantec App Center addresses the needs of all IT stakeholders - enterprise application architects, application developers, and operations teams.

Register below to discover how Symantec App Center has been designed to make it easier to manage app-centric mobile deployments!

Topics include:

  • Application and Security Policy Management – wrap a layer of security and policy management around any app without any coding required
  • Mobile Device Management – manage devices from the same App Center console
  • App and data protection to support BYOD initiatives
  • Demonstration of App Center 4.0 and wrapping apps in a custom policy

Mobile Application Management (MAM) for Government