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NetApp Packet Capture at Record Speed: Real World Applications
On-Demand Webinar

In this on-demand webinar, NetApp’s “Big Data” Dave Denson discusses their latest work in packet capture and analysis.  NetApp US Public Sector has developed a multi-link 10Gbps packet capture and analysis demonstration with leading partners in this exploding field.  The session describes the work and its real world results.

With the advent of 10-gigabit per second IP links, the previous means of packet capture can no longer keep up without dropping packets. Further, the ingest load has grown such that the resulting packet capture and flow data must be written into a shared parallel file system for postingest processing by an open and extensible toolset. This webinar covers construction and testing of such a file system, based on Quantum StorNext and NetApp E-Series block storage arrays with nPulse Technologies’ HammerHead packet capture appliances.