Ohio DOT (ODOT) has announced support for an Autodesk Civil 3D deliverable, leaving many Ohio-based governments to wonder how this will affect their everyday tasks. What are the detailed plans and how will the standards be made available?

DLT Solutions is sponsored a free on-demand webinar to review the impact on governments.

George Hatch and Bruce Milligan of Autodesk, discuss:

  • Background on the State Kit and Ohio DOT
  • Autodesk’s plans for rolling the “Ohio State Kit”
  • A short overview and demonstration of the “Ohio State Kit”
  • Next steps

Plus James Young, P.E., Deputy Director of ODOT gave a short introduction of the State Kit as it relates to local government projects!

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George Hatch, Autodesk

George joined Autodesk as the Senior Technical Specialist for Engineering, Natural Resources, and Infrastructure Sales in July 2013. He oversees all aspects related Autodesk Infrastructure and Engineering products. He brings over 10 years of experience in project management and sales to the Autodesk team.