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Open Source Security – Defense in Depth:
Using an Open Source Framework to Catch the Bad Guy

An on-demand webinar brought to you by DLT Solutions and Red Hat

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 allows incident response, forensics examiners, and system administrators convenient access to lightweight, easy-to-use tools and techniques that enable them to quickly identify file system modifications, changes or compromises.  The integrity checking tools that ship with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 are open source and packages with the system.

A host-based Intrusion Detection System (IDS) provides the data integrity needed to ensure adequate protection of information and system data, and helps meet security requirements and compliance.  In Red hat Enterprise Linux 6, RPM Package Manager (RPM) and Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment (AIDE) deliver continuous and automated monitoring for security compliance and for implementing the needed security controls for a true "Defense in Depth" approach, allowing for built-in forensics, incident response, and security to catch the bad guy.

Watch this webinar now to learn how you can use an open source framework to catch the bad guy.