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DLT Solutions • 13861 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 400 • Herndon, VA 20171
MAIN PHONE: 703.709.7172 • TOLL FREE: 800.262.4DLT (4358) • E-MAIL:

Join Dell Software for an on-demand, free learning event that will help you get even more from your Toad investment.  You’ll discover how the latest version of Toad can increase efficiency, boost productivity, and reduce costs.

 Toad expert Russ Tuttle will reveal shortcuts for using Toad’s revolutionary features and enhancements including:

  • Automated code-quality analysis
  • Rapid deployment of coding standards across your team
  • Automated SQL, optimization and database workload replay testing
  • Code road maps, ER diagrams, and data generation
  • Schema and database compare and sync
  • Also learn about modeling, optimizing, integrating disparate data sources, compare data bases, code testing, and virtual production testing diagnosis.

Download the On-Demand Webinar Today!

Quest Toad – Increase efficiency, boost productivity, and reduce costs

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