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Are you looking to reap the benefits of national leveraged pricing with no cost to you?

Providing Support for Your Facilities Management Software Acquisition
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With current mandates and elongated processes now required by government agencies, contractors and end users are constantly searching for the best price for acquisition. We’re here to help you minimize your research and give you the tools you’ll need to support your Facilities Management Software Acquisition.

ISM Services, Inc. and DLT Solutions teamed together for this introductory webinar on Providing Support for Your Facilities Management Software Acquisition. Guest speaker Kimberly Price of ISM Services, Inc. introduced:

  •    The Cooperative Purchasing Network
  •    ARCHIBUS and the benefits of ISM Services
  •    What’s new in ARCHIBUS Version 21
  •    And more

Kimberly Price is the Director of Business Development at ISM Services Inc. and is responsible for new business capture, branding and marketing for ISM’s federal and commercial business practices.